​​​​​​​Training Facilities

Nestled in the heart of Worcestershire, our 100-acre training facility combines the natural beauty of the West Anglian countryside with convenient access to nearby highways, the M5 and M50. Being situated in a central location means that many great racing tracks are just stone’s throw away, while the natural landscape affords horses the very highest quality grazing fields, oxygen-rich air and diverse outride tracks.


Our stables are all larger than average and very well ventilated. This helps to prevent disease and ensures a horse’s excellent and speedy recovery after training. The stables have the potential to accommodate 33 horses, with the possibility to expand when we reach full capacity.


Our 5 ½ furlong gallop was designed by Samuel himself using state-of-the-art satellite technology to make maximum use of the landscape. It has been resurfaced to ensure the most testing environment for training a horse.

Schooling Lane

We also have a 1 ½ furlong schooling lane which can be used all year round be by hurdlers and steeplechasers alike. The lane features many multiple hurdles of the highest quality as well as fix and birch fences.

Lunging pen

We also have a large lunging pen available for training youngsters and those recovering from injuries or other types of strain.

Horse Walker

A Clayden horse walker is also available at our facilities and is an important part of Samuel’s unique training programme. He believes that it is extremely important for horses to warm down properly after exercise. Following any strenuous training activity, horses are covered with a sheet and allowed to warm down in the walker, because Samuel maintains that it is essential that horses warm down warm and not cold.

Luxury Horse Transport

We also have our own luxury horse transport available. The lorries are well ventilated and fitted with CCTV to ensure that the horses are comfortable and arrive safe, sound at their destination. Transport for horses is charged at £1 per mile.

Equine Vet

Ben Coles, who practices at the nearby Three Counties Equine Clinic, is our vet. He is highly knowledgeable and provides a truly outstanding service. He also knows our horses very well allowing him to quickly notice any abnormalities in a horse’s behaviour and identify whether any health-related issues are the cause.

Equine Chiropractor

It is incredibly important that our horses are in great shape at all times. Emma Padfield, our chiropractor, is a vital part in maintaining our horse’s form. She is a reputed chiropractor, with many years of experience in the field.

Equine Dentist

We also have a quality Equine Dentist in Tom Siddall. Tom is an ex-jockey and natural horseman who is able to comfortably put a horse at ease. Before he performs any procedure, we will first confirm the payment with the owner. If the owner agrees, we will go ahead with the operation, and the extra changes will be added to their monthly bill.

Our Team

We are very much a family-run business and all our staff are highly experienced horse racing professionals of the highest quality. Our team is united by their vision for future of our training facility and committed to ensuring we reach new heights in the years to come.